Why we travel?


1.     Your travels

2.     Why travel?

3.     Why travel top 10

4.     Why should young people travel?

5.     Why don't Americans travel?

6.     Self-imposed Isolation

7.     Long way Round / Long Way Down review

8.     A geographer's perspective

Your travels

Residing in Nebraska I have visited most of the States in the Midwest including Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Indiana. Many of these travels were due to visiting my friends from different universities across the region. Other than that, I visited Santa Monica my when I was 16. Unlike myself, my sister was a big traveler. To celebrate after I qualified for the state wrestling tournament, she let me stay with her for a week when she rented a place by Santa Monica Boulevard.

Why travel?

Huberman elaborates that there is more to travel than what Maine has to offer. She witnesses first-hand India of being a “dustbin” for waste management. Huberman also was aware after her travels she has broadened her horizon on which she sees real world issues. Huberman became wiser and more aware after her experiences abroad rather than “looking through the window” and her encounters made her wiser on international issues as she seemed to take for granted. Now Huberman sees Maine from a different view before her travels.

Why travel top ten


Benefits of traveling: It teaches you about your homeland. The first benefit to me is learning about the culture and the history. If you constantly travel, you have more opportunity to immerse yourself in several different cultures and enrich your knowledge of the history of the places you travel.

Benefits of traveling: It provides you with stories you can tell your children and grandchildren. Another big aspect on travel is walking away from the memories that you built. Those to me are priceless and your experiences will live on based on the stories and experiences you share to others.

Another Benefit of traveling is it teaches you about yourself. Traveling and studying abroad is not only a trip, but an investment to yourself which will broaden your horizons.

Why should young people travel?

Comment on Peterson's arguments for why young people should travel. What are the six reasons and can you think of more?

I agree with all of Peterson’s arguments on why young people should travel. If I had to reaffirm with one of her arguments it would be that traveling builds confidence. Traveling (especially on you own) can make someone very anxious. But with repetition, and of being out of your comfort zone consistently you will build confidence which is priceless. With individuals who suffer from anxiety due to traveling I believe this subsides after consistent travel.

I would also add to Peterson’s argument that you will cherish history more and have a better understanding of cultural landmarks. I know when I visited the Santa Monica Pier I was immersed in the history of the entire area of Muscle Beach, and I can only imagine other places that have more of a historical significance.

Why don't Americans travel?

I believe a lot of Americans (including myself) do not travel as much is because it breaks routine. So many Americans trap themselves in a 9-5 position which hinders their ability to travel and see the world in a different perspective. Travel can also be expensive which also is a big contribution on why Americans do not travel. Researching why Americans do not travel; in an article called “Half of Americans won’t take a vacation this summer—and not just because they can’t afford it” Shawn M Carter explains that workloads and staffing play a role in why people are tethered to their jobs. It is a good read, here the link:  https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/25/3-reasons-americans-wont-take-a-vacation-this-summer.html

Self-imposed Isolation?

My family can be a good example of self-imposed isolation. Other than my sister (who passed away) she was the only one that really was determined to see various parts of the world. My family is relatively close throughout the state of Nebraska. Due to that we all have very structured routines. Though I wouldn’t say we are isolated but it is self-imposed traveling has not been accustomed in my family. Whether it was money, or being involved in sports activities we would hardly travel as a family.   

Long way Round / Long way Down review

I agree with Wallaston’s statement that “The whole thing is a spectacular display of incompetence”. Despite being well equipped they still were not suited to be cruising through Mongolia’s soft trails. To me, I believe that showed how naïve Mcgregor and Boorman were about the landscape.


A Missing Geographic Perspective

As Mcgregor and Boorman went on their travels I feel like they could’ve known the geography better on episode 5. Traveling through the desert, the soft sand made travel such an uphill task. Because they could not cross the river while in Mongolia, Mcgregor and Boorman had to travel up dangerous terrain. They could have done a better job analyzing the terrain. As a result, Claudio wrecked into a boulder.