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Omaha to Berlin Round trip: $973



Lodging in Berlin. $17 per night. $63 total. 10-2/10-4



Receive Vehicle from airport. Rest up due in Berlin the first night and to late flight and continuous upcoming travel. $18.45 per day for Opel Adam. This is a cheaper option than taking the bus and is more convenient.









Try Currywurst for the first time at the Wurst. The Wurst is a small shop right by the Reichstag. The No.1 is roughly four dollars.

Afterwards I’ll visit Reichstag Dome and the Berlin Wall memorial. These visits are free of charge.







Travel to Dresden from Berlin. Visit the Frauenkirche church for a service.  The service is free.




Afterwards grab a quick lunch. Hot wok is a popular Chinese Restaurant that is very cheap, new walking distance to the Frauenkirche. The Schweinefleisch is $7.75.



Visit the Bundeswehr History Museum after lunch. The admission fee for the museum is $7.



 Airbnb in Dresden. Cheapest option with high ratings in terms of location makes this an ideal stay. $32 for two nights. With added fees totaling out to $76. The stay is until 10-6-2019






Trodelstuben Restorante Goolasch ribs buffett. $16.62


 Travel to Nuremburg from Dresden.

Once in Nuremburg, my first stop is the Imperial Castle of Nuremburg.

Followed by the castle visiting, right down the street is a tourist attraction called the Förderverein Nürnberger Felsengänge. This is a beer brewing tour with several rocky passages.




 The Airbnb is perfect distance from the imperial castle as it is only 15 minutes away. Making this stay at $41 well worth the gas savings. The location of all of these destinations makes this stop very fascinating to me with so much to see in a very small, condensed area. The total is $41.







This plan today is rest and have a low-key day to enjoy the night. 

Travel to Munich on the very last day of Oktoberfest.  The tents are free for admission, but I will carry at least $40 to spend.

 Berlin International Beer Fest, Germany.

 Though this is most expensive part of my trip consisting of a higher priced Airbnb. The total for the two nights is $122.




Lunch at the L’Osteria in Charles Square. $9.




The Karlsplatz, gothic structure has an underground with several shops and arcade centers.











Northwest of the Karlsplatz, the Mozart Monument is relative walking distance. It is is a monument in the it is dedicated to composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The memorial statue stands at 7 Feet tall.









Udo Snack Burger for lunch. A double is $6.50.



Traveling Northbound from Munich, Stuttgart is the next destination.




The Mercedes Benz Museum has several vintage and modern vehicles on display.  The admission is $11.21.

The Porsche Museum is also another very popular cite for tourists. Both are cheap admissions. Porsches admission is $8.97





 Stuggart Airbnb for two nights. The total cost is $77.





 Not only is the Fernsehturm Stuttgart one of the worlds first television towers, it also has tremendous views of the Black Forrest with a Restaurant called Leonhardt’s on top to overlook it.


German house salad at Leonhardt’s Café is $10.50.









 Continuing making my way back up North, the next city is Frankfurt.

The first spot to check out is the The Römerberg. This used to be Frankfurt's Old Town Center.





$141 for a three night stay in Frankfurt. 10-10/10-13.





Currywurst from Wursthelden.  $3.68

 Get familiar with the city on a Free Frankfurt footwalking tour.








Burrito Bande in Frankfurt. $6. 

See Frankfurt Main Tower. The building is over 200 M tall.

Visit Stolts Museum afterwards as it is right across the street.









 Have one more stop in Frankfurt before heading to Cologne. Wrapping up with the Eiserner Steg costing $14.52.






I have to see what one Mcdonalds looks like in Germany. Two croissants are $3.57.

Coming from Frankfurt, Cologne Germany is the next city. The first activity is a Sightseeing Cruise on the Rhine starting at $18.








Now one of the most visited sites in Germany, Colognes Cathedral is a must see. Stay night in Cologne.




 Airbnb 151 for the trip




 Cologne has a popular zoo that is open every day of the year. It features over 10,000 animals of more than 850 species there turning it into an all day event. One ticket averages out to $21.76.

Lunch afterwards is Italian Resaraunt  PURiNO Mülheim. The Antipasto dish below is $8.37.










 The plan for this day is to see one more tourist attraction in Cologne before leaving to Dortmund. Arrive in Dortmund late evening, sleep in Dortmund.  


Dortmund Airbnb total: $44 10-16/10-18










 Dortmund soccer museum for $17.15 followed by  Dortmund’s Utower Museum.








 See Hamburgs big fish market as it attracts several tourists.




Followed by seeing Hafencity.


Final Airbnb costing a total of $82 for 3 nights.






 Visit Hamburg Town Hall.







Hamburg has one of the largest harbors consisting of several cruise tours. $17 for one ticket.

Visit Red light district in last night in Germany. Sleep in Hamburg. $50 is enough for one night at the Red Light district.





 Catch Flight Back home.

 Travel back to Berlin from Hamburg and catch flight home. Return vehicle at airport.















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